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Amateur Modelling by Sada-Pazaki Amateur Modelling :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 1 10
From Here to Eternity: Chapter Twenty
No nightmares plagued Twilight as she slept straight through the night. When she did awaken, it was in the slow, easy way of one who had no pressing plans or schedules…she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt like that.
Like the morning before, Discord’s arm was draped over her waist. Unlike the morning before, she could feel it was his thinner, less-cuddly eagle arm.
She opened an eye and realized that Discord had somehow ended up on her other side during the night. Had he crawled over her in his sleep? And how was it that she managed to sleep through it? Again.
Yawning, she turned and stretched a bit only to bump noses with him. She wrinkled her nose and sneezed. He slept on. Sniffling a little, she lay back down and closed her eyes. She wanted to rest just a bit more…
“Gah!” Twilight jumped up at the loud knocking and gasped, “What is it?!”
“Twilight?!” Applejack’s voice shouted from the othe
:iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 3 7
Happy Birthday Cowgirl! by Sada-Pazaki Happy Birthday Cowgirl! :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 2 18 New Memories Cover by Sada-Pazaki New Memories Cover :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 7 23 My Cutiemark by Sada-Pazaki My Cutiemark :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 3 34 Christmas Request 3 by Sada-Pazaki Christmas Request 3 :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 2 13 Christmas Request 2 by Sada-Pazaki Christmas Request 2 :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 3 55 Christmas Request 1 by Sada-Pazaki Christmas Request 1 :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 2 29 A Hug by Sada-Pazaki A Hug :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 3 67 Vicious by Sada-Pazaki Vicious :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 14 189 Three Girls by Sada-Pazaki Three Girls :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 2 17
Dark Silver: Chapter 15 (FINAL CHAPTER!)
The attack on the Spinners ended up being a mistake. Though many spinners were brutally slaughtered, far too many gnawers were lost as well. Eventually he was forced to order a retreat; he would need every soldier he had if the Warrior was as mighty as the prophesy hinted. He now firmly believed that the Warrior was responsible for Ripred's death. Who else would be able to take out a Rager and live?
Finally he received news from a moth sent by Bloodripper: The Warrior is closing in on The Maw. Troops need to be posted there immediately.
Gorger wasted no time in gathering up many of his finest soldiers who were not currently in battle. He had them spread out in the cliffs that overlooked The Maw and the pit that held his Overlander, telling them to wait for the signal. Contrary to what his generals advised him, he waited with them. He wanted to see the Warrior for himself. He wanted to see him die.
They waited a long time. To Gorger it felt like years passed. Every once in a whil
:iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 1 43
Bloodripper by Sada-Pazaki Bloodripper :iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 2 22
Dark Silver: Chapter 14
The next two months were quiet. The war had been spiraling down over the last eight months but now it seemed as though another time of unofficial peace had been declared. Gorger found this to be most satisfactory. His old troops could rest and regroup while new troops were trained. His generals could plot and scheme to their hearts content without feeling like they had to come up with the usual last-minute strategy to impress him with. This lull also gave him time to spend with his new pups.
They were wonderful little things. He somehow knew that there would be no deaths in this litter; the whole feel of the situation was different. Fallenstar was the most active he had ever seen her. She would actually join him and Lurker when they played with the pups until she grew tired and would sit down to rest. Soon enough she would be joining them again though; chasing the pups around in dizzy circles of glee.
It was a time where Gorger felt that all was well. The war was not troubling him and
:iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 1 224
Dark Silver: Chapter 13
A month later he started receiving a small trickle of intelligence from Bloodripper, who in turn received it from his newest informant Henry. Gorger was pleased that at least this scheme had worked. His mood significantly lightened, though his explosive temper continued to grow worse over time. The passing of time seemed to become more and more apparent to him and he started looking into the only human literature that any gnawer was ever concerned with: Sandwich's prophesies.
He had known about them since he was a pup but he had never truly cared about them nor even given them much thought. However, for some unknown reason, they suddenly became important to him. It was the Prophesy of Gray that irked him the most. It was all mystery and vagueness. There was no way to tell when it would take place. He started dreaming about it unfolding during his reign. The Spinners would turn against him, he’d have to face off against every creature of the Underland with nothing but his own claw
:iconsada-pazaki:Sada-Pazaki 1 18
Dark Silver: Chapter 12
It was two months after Forfend's failure that Bloodripper appeared before King Gorger again. Gorger was not as eager to set eyes on him as he had the last time he showed up. In his opinion Bloodripper had yet to do his job. He lounged on his side, attempting a relaxed look as the black and brown gnawer stood before him. Those unreadable eyes were starting to get to him...
“State your business and then leave,” Gorger was not interested in having the gnawer stay long. Bloodripper inclined his head in a gesture of respect and rasped, “I heard about what happened with the Hissers. I've been trying to reason with them but they, regrettably, no longer desire a treaty. Such shallow, easily swayed creatures...they would not have made suitable allies to your cause.”
Gorger snorted angrily, “Is that what you have been doing all this time? And who are you to say who would make a good ally to me or not?”
As if sensing his anger, Bloodripper lowered his voice to
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Color me disturbed.

After submitting a picture of my newborn son I saw the suggested works that were also of children. I clicked on a few cute ones, thought they were adorable and continued to explore the kid-pics....that was when I discovered something.

Many of these pictures had peados commenting on them. There were parents and others knowingly posting pictures of their children and other's kids on this site where such pictures are often plagued by perverted humans who fap to children! 

Now I know there's plenty of creeps running rampant in the model section of DeviantART. It's understandable. Post pics of attractive, half-naked women and men and you're going to have people being lewd in the comments and doing who knows what. However I NEVER thought about such things happening in the children's section! 

I even found a few pictures that were clearly put up by a peado.

I am disturbed! I am even considering taking down the picture of my son. Is it fapable? I have no idea since I don't think along those lines when it comes to infants and children! 

I'm not sure what to do about this.     
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How have you been lately?
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Dude, did you hear? I just heard! The season finale villain is going to be from TARTARUS! Isn't it awesome? We might finally get to learn more about the place! What do you think he/she'll be like? What do you think his/her name will be? You think he/she'll be able to take Discord?
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